Time for a Makeover?

June 5, 2015

Put your best face forward with a new or improved logo

By Holly Case

The image your business portrays is almost as important to your success as the services you provide. Sure, people don’t choose a product based on its logo, but seemingly small details make a big difference in customer perception.

You may have been thinking for a while that your company could benefit from rebranding your corporate identity, starting with your logo. “Once you have identified that it’s time for an update, you’ll have to make some big decisions,” says Alayna Partaka, creative director for The F.P. Horak Company, a Midwestern printing and marketing solutions firm that develops concepts through integrated marketing campaigns for clients from multiple industry sectors.

She suggests you start the process by asking yourself: Do you want to refresh your existing logo, or totally rebrand yourself?” Depending on your answer, here are some factors to consider.

Is it the right time for a change?

Has your company changed its name, possibly to reflect changes in the services you offer? A new logo is not only necessary when you change your company name or merge with another company, it’s also a great time to create a clear symbol that proudly displays what your business is all about.

“You may have expanded into new markets where your logo doesn’t fit, or maybe it’s just grown outdated over the years. An outdated logo may give the impression of an outdated company,” says Partaka. “However, it can be difficult to identify when it is time to revitalize your brand when you haven’t changed your name or merged with another company.”

Proceed with caution

Is your brand identity strongly linked to your logo? When Gap considered changing its iconic logo, customer backlash was so intense that the company scrapped the plans. Customer loyalty is often deeply linked to your corporate identity, including your logo. Dig deeper before making hasty changes.

Seek help from the pros

“This is a great time to consult with a team of marketing and design professionals,” says Partaka. “Through in-depth research on your industry, marketing goals, and target audience, a skilled team of professionals can help you make the right decision.”

Armed with the right research and assistance, your company can move into the future with your best face forward.