Direct Mail Not Getting the Results You Want?


Direct mail is “killing it” when it comes to getting results.

According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), response rates for house lists were a whopping 5.6 percent and 2.9 percent for prospect lists in 2016 (up from 3.7 and 1.0% in 2015). Experts say less-crowded inboxes and new ways to integrate messaging with email and digital activity are key reasons for the jump.

Here we explore three common mistakes marketers make with direct mail–and how to fix them so your next campaign is your best ever.

  1. A poor mailing list. Out-of-date mailing lists are a waste of time and money. Use correct addresses and current contact names and job titles for your targeted audience.
    Fix: Give your house list a good scrubbing. Remove those who’ve asked to be taken off the list and others who don’t meet your campaign’s criteria. Consider a list broker who can provide up-to-date lists modeled on your best customers.
  2. Nothing personal. Today’s consumers expect personalization, and we’re talking about more than just a “Dear John.” Your customers want to see that you understand their unique needs and interests.
    Fix: Customize copy and images in all of your creative. Generate unique landing pages for each recipient, and invite them to connect via a QR code or PURL (personalized URL). They offer great snapshots of who is responding to what messages.
  3. No follow-up. Putting all your effort into a lead-generating mailing and no effort into follow-up leaves too much money on the table.
    Fix: Make follow-up a priority, whether it’s additional mailings or–for best results–a phone call. Direct mail followed by telemarketing generates two to 10 times more response than direct mail with no telephone follow-up.

Unleash the power of direct mail with proper list development, personalized offers, and consistent follow-up.

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