Asking for Trouble

April 11, 2016

Are you delighting or disappointing your customers with your customer communications?

By Pitney Bowes

Are you inspiring your customers—or royally ticking them off? In a recent 2012 survey, Pitney Bowes surveyed 6,000 consumers in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and France to find out just what customers expected, liked, and disliked about interactions with businesses. Findings show that even though a marketing trend may be wildly popular, it just may be sending the wrong message!


Customers don’t mind these types of communication:

75% – Customer satisfaction surveys

74% – Keeping in contact at an appropriate frequency*

59% – A certain level of personalization and familiarity**

Customer Turnoffs

Actions seen as negative:

89% – Sending weekly emails

84% – Asking customers to support a brand’s charity or ethical concerns

83% – Sending offers from third parties

81% – Encouraging interaction with other consumers via an online community

71% – Encouraging customers to attend branded lifestyle events

70% – Call center reps getting too chummy on the phone

*Customers say an offer sent monthly via postal mail is appropriate.
**Consumers say they appreciate online personalization on websites, such as “Welcome, Jane.”
 Source: Pitney Bowes, Report: Why Some of Your Customers Are Just Not That into You, March 12, 2012.