It’s What’s on the Outside That Counts



The joy of an unexpected package in the mail never gets old.

And when your three-dimensional (3-D) package arrives with a custom label designed specifically for the recipient–you’ve got their undivided attention. Savvy marketers know that mailboxes beat inboxes when it comes to response rates. But research also shows that companies that employ unique formats see response rates 3X higher than traditional mail, on average.

If you want a direct mail campaign that generates big returns, personalized 3-D mailers deliver every time.

Why is it so important to personalize?

It’s highly effective.

According to the United States Postal Service, using variable data printing–a technique that customizes text, images, and promotions by using customer databases–to personalize your mail pieces during the color print process outperforms standardized mail by 500 percent.

Not only does it generate better response rates, personalization is proven to increase repeat business, average order value, and overall profit revenue. As consumers, we’ve come to expect personalized communications from the brands and companies we do business with.

How to personalize.

With today’s digital printing technology, you can print variable data on almost anything. Wood, glass, vinyl, ceiling tiles—you name it. Customized labels, applied via heat transfer, silkscreen, or other methods, can be populated with recipients’ names, company names, or personalized URLs (PURL) that direct them to a unique landing page.

To get started, all you need is a strong creative concept, a clearly defined target audience, a clean customer or prospect database, and sound follow-up strategy. You’ll quickly discover increased customer engagement and improved effectiveness with a personalized 3-D direct mail campaign.

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