Want 25 Minutes of Alone Time with Your Customers?



  A magazine produced by your trade or professional association.

√  A wellness and health education magazine in your mailbox from your health care insurer.

  A children’s charity organization sharing stories about how your contributions have made a difference in the kids’ lives.

Everybody’s familiar with and enjoys reading custom pubs. The readers just may not make the connection that the magazine they have in their hands is, indeed, a custom publication.

Why are they so popular?

Because readers connect to brands through the stories. Here are three reasons B2B and B2C businesses and organizations from all industry sectors use custom pubs, also called private-label magazines, as a key component of their marketing strategy.

1. Uninterrupted you-and-me time with customers and prospects. The average engagement time with a custom magazine is 25 minutes.* Within the pages of custom published-magazines and through online content, readers find the information they want, when they want it, and from a source they trust. This trust builds long-term relationships with customers (whether you call them clients, donors, members, or something else) and establishes you as an industry leader.

2. Your story, told your way. Custom publications—aligned with leveraged content for digital channels—seamlessly stitch together the topics and issues that matter to customers with a company’s brand narrative. Storytelling, in other words, is a way to engage with your readers and for them to develop deeper connections with your brand.

3. Content, multiplied. Custom pub content is a versatile tool. A substantive article in a B2B print magazine can be repurposed as a content blog posted to the company’s website, which can then be shaped into social media posts. Expand upon the article content—or use excerpts from it—to produce business case studies or special reports available for download by your association’s members. Even visuals from the publication can be optimized on Pinterest and Instagram to draw in additional readers.

A custom publication is an effective way to develop long-term, valuable relationships with customers, prospects, partners and vendors. For examples, visit www.fphorak.com.

Source: *http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2009/11/custom-print-magazines-why-cant-mastercard-produce-inc-magazine/

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