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Bottom Line

A Private-Label, Industry Thought Leadership Magazine

The F.P. Horak Company, a Midwest-based provider of full-service printing and marketing solutions, had added numerous new product and service offerings to meet the diverse marketing communications needs of its customers. However, from a selling perspective, it had been challenging to deliver a consistent message that supported the company’s brand promise.

The Problem

At a time when most print service providers were struggling to communicate their value proposition, The F.P. Horak Company needed a way to demonstrate its differentiation strategy to customer and prospects. And while the company had marketing collateral describing it’s product and service offerings, these tools did not tie everything together. Neither did they speak to the results the company achieves for its clients.

The Solution

Adding a custom publication, a three-times-a-year magazine directed at business-to-business readers, was a natural extension of F.P. Horak’s marketing plan. That’s because the company wanted to tell its own story through authoritative article content that would speak to universal business issues affecting all customers, no matter their industry sector.

The Results

Bottom Line magazine has been F.P. Horak’s most successful marketing initiative to date, delivering more than a 5x ROI. From a promotional perspective, it has created numerous new business opportunities, across all of the company’s product and service line offerings, through targeted prospect mailings. From a customer standpoint, it has been a tremendous educational tool. The company’s sales team now relies on its custom publication, Bottom Line, as its primary resource to educate customers and prospects.