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Bay Area Giving Guide

A Charitable Giving Donor Education Tool

Bay Area Community Foundation wanted to educate prospective donors on how, through charitable giving, they could collaborate with the foundation toward creating a thriving, vibrant place to live and work.

The Problem

Most community members were unfamiliar with the foundation, its purpose, or how they could create through estate planning a lasting legacy that aligned with their own charitable goals. The foundation learned most estate attorneys and financial planners in the region rarely included Bay Area Community Foundation as a charitable giving option.

The Solution

Bay Area Community Foundation developed a reader­-friendly “giving guide” custom magazine that demonstrated through feature stories how donors can make a difference. Article content also included practical information on telling your family of your planned giving wishes and how to reduce income tax consequences through giving. The publication, expected to have long shelf life, was widely distributed to estate attorneys and financial planners to use with their clients and was made available to inquiring individuals.

The Results

Demand for the tool from estate­ planning professionals, as well as individual community members, exceeded expectations. A reprint of the issue was made within months of publication.