February 17, 2016

Think magazines (and their ads) are on the decline? Think again.

By Laurie Hileman

With all of the hubbub about social media, one might think magazines are a relic of readers past. Think again. Research shows 92 percent of U.S. adults read magazines, and readership has remained steady despite the biggest economic downturn in 80 years.

That’s good news for advertisers who know how to tap into the trust and attention magazines elicit from readers. Savvy marketers know a compelling ad can easily be viewed as a respected part of the content rather than an interruption.

Plus, it pays off. Recent research analyzing consumer engagement with over half a million print magazine ads found high levels of recall and actions taken. When asked about a specific print magazine ad, more than half noted seeing the ad. Of those who noted the ad, 62 percent took some action as a result.*

“Each of the actions we measure represents a high level of engagement,” says Dr. Michal Galin, executive vice president of GfK’s Starch Advertising Research. “And, when it comes to joining a social network or the use of a QR code, print magazine ads are moving consumers into a digital universe where longer-term relationships can be developed and tracked. The result is deeper connections with brands, and a greater likelihood to buy.”

Now that’s an ad-vantage.

Readers enjoy reading magazine ads. They don’t pay to avoid them as they do with ads in other media. **

35% of magazine readers have taken action on a print magazine ad this year.*

Tweet! Tweet!

Three things to know about magazine advertising in 140 characters or less.**

  1. Magazine ads rank No. 1 of all media in driving purchases.
  2. 61% of readers took action as a result of a magazine ad.
  3. Magazines drive web search more than any other medium: more than Internet advertising and twice that of social media.

Taking action

Magazine reader actions measured by Starch Syndicated Research include the reader…

  • Buying or recommending the product or service advertised.
  • Visiting the advertiser’s website.
  • Joining the advertiser’s social network using a QR code in the ad.

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