8 Great Ways to Leverage Your Content

May 5, 2016

Ease your workload and expand your reach by repurposing existing material.

By Laurie Hileman

Why work harder when you can work smarter?

Creating consistent, relevant content is a tough task but one that can be made easier with a thoughtful eye toward repurposing.

Whether it’s an in-depth blog post, compelling video, or humorous podcast, repurposing your work in other formats can ease your workload (and, oftentimes, costs) associated with creating content. Plus, it opens up opportunities to increase your audience, reinforce your message, and give your website an SEO boost.

Whenever possible, look to repurpose content from the start. After you’ve landed on a core concept, “break your idea down into your key topic areas,” suggests Arnie Kuenn in his post, “How to Fulfill Your Content Marketing Plan Through Content Repurposing,” for Content Marketing Institute. “The result will be a skeleton you can use in adapting the topic to different formats.”

Here are eight ways Kuenn suggests presenting information that appeals to various learning styles and engages audiences in their preferred methods of communication.

Blog Post: When created consistently with your targeted readers in mind, blog posts offer easy-to-consume information.

Infographic: Grab stats and other key tips, organizing them in a graphic depiction that appeals to visual learners.

Presentation Slides: Boil down your key points into slides that are easy to share in formal presentations, impromptu meetings, and on slide-sharing sites to give yourself greater visibility.

Video: By combining graphics, audio, and movement, video is a great way to reach an impatient audience that may be looking to be entertained in the process of learning.

eBook: An in-depth look at a topic that, when offered as a (for-purchase or value-added) download on your site, eBooks can help build your subscriber base for other communications.

Podcast: Whether a snack-size few minutes or a half-hour presentation, these audio discussions can reach on-the-go listeners and quickly establish your brand voice.

Newsletter or Magazine: These publications allow readers to dive deeper into the topic, letting them spend more time with your brand and establishing you as a thought leader in a given area.

Webinar: Presented in real time, interactive online experiences set you up as a subject matter expert.

Developing compelling, consistent content is a continual process of creating, testing, and tweaking as you move along. Allow your strategy to evolve as you see what works and what doesn’t for your targeted audiences.

Source: http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2013/12/fulfill-content-marketing-plan-repurposing/